A little about me...

Gabriella Anouk / Colouring Pencil Artist

My interest in drawing started at a young age but became my passion in my late teens. I attended Loughborough University and completed a Graphic Communications and Illustration degree. After graduating from University, I spent the next few years creating websites and drawing commissions. However, during the first COVID Lockdown in 2020, I had time to reflect on what I was doing and decided that I wanted to express myself in new ways and take a different creative direction. 

Gabriella at home.JPG

My first sculpture-like object drawing - a hand in a blue medical glove - I drew and titled 'Patience' very much reflecting how I felt during the first lockdown.  From there I was inspired to work with other everyday objects, disrupting them and pushing their boundaries.


Because my drawings are created with so much control and are photographic in quality, it’s important to me that the actual subject I’m drawing isn’t controlled and has an element of disruption and chaos.

All my pieces are created from my own references and hand-drawn using only colouring pencils.  For me, the process of getting the right reference is just as important as the final outcome of the drawing itself.


I like to experiment with dipping objects in paint, covering them with slime, or using water to create interesting reflections. I enjoy manipulating shapes and creating entirely new sculpture-like objects, which I then photograph and draw as realistically as possible. Many hours of concentrated time go into each piece of original art. 

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