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Updated: Jan 16

All my favourite materials, all in one place.

I am very excited to announce I have partnered up with Jackson's Art Supplies. They have offered me an Affiliate link which I can share with you. The links will really help me as I will benefit from a small commission when you use any of the links in this blog and order something off their site. It gives me credits to spend on more art supplies, yay! And you will receive 10% off your first order, win win!

I have been using Jackson's Art Supplies for a long time now. I purchase almost all my art materials from their site. I love how securely they package their products and their customer service is spot on.


I can honestly say I have tried soooo many different types of pencils. For as long as I can remember I have been gifted various different pencil kits for birthdays, Christmases, graduation, 'thank you for babysitting my dog' presents (haha), so I have pretty much tried them all!

1. Faber Castell, Polychromos Pencils

This is my absolute go to pencil, and the pencil I primarily use in all my drawings: Click here. I love these pencils and have over the past two years accumulated the entire collection. Here are three examples of me using these pencils (although I use them in all my work!!)

2. Caran d'Ache Pencils

These are great for blending, but are on the more expensive side, Caran d'Ache pencils.

3. Posca Uniball

I use Posca pens for some of my more vibrant pieces. I also use these pens when I make bespoke gift cards. Click here for posca pens.

Now, let's talk about PAPER!

When it comes to paper it can seem like a never ending pit of options!! I have gone through so many different types of paper to really find the ones I like. Although I love trying new paper, it can also be extremely frustrating when it doesn't work! Here are a few I have trialled, tested, loved and use daily.

1. Claire Fontaine Pastelmat

This paper is great for lifelike, detailed drawings and perfectly pairs with polycromos pencils. Here are three examples of me using this paper. The brilliant this about this paper is that you can keep layering your pencil colours on top of each other until you have your desired effect. Even white pencil layers well on top of dark pencils. Click here for Pastelmat

2. Strathmore Bristol Paper

Works amazingly well with coloured pencil and graphite. Not to be used with watercolour (been there, made that mistake for you!!). Here are three examples of me using this paper. I like this paper because it allows me to create smooth yet highly detailed drawings. Click here for Bristol Paper.

3. Mixed media heavyweight cartridge paper

I LOVE this paper. I use this one for when I want to put a light watercolour wash down before I go in with detail. Mixed media paper is great for when you are just starting out as it allows you to be extremely creative. It can take a wide range of products such as, watercolour, ink, pen, pencil, graphite, acrylic.. you name it and it will probably work! Here are some examples of me using this paper. Click here for Heavyweight Cartridge Paper.

4. Paper I am trialling

I am always trying out new material, as I really believe in if you don't try, you'll never know! So I am currently trialling a new paper called Rising Museum Board. It is very sturdy and comes in large sizes, perfect for pencil work. The drawing itself is a secret project I'm working on so I can't tell you much more other than it's a very big, coloured pencil drawing. Review pending! Click here for paper.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! I'd love your feedback as I plan to write many more! Thank you.

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