My Top 5 Must-Haves

After a lot, (and I mean a lot a lot) of trial and error here is a list of products I use every day.

All links used for JacksonArt will give you 10% off your first order.

Number 1. Pencils

My go to, and absolute favourite colouring pencils are: Faber-Castell, Polychromos.

If you're looking to purchase a starter kit, I highly recommend these kits sold by JacksonsArt:

  1. Starter set of 24 - £49

  2. Gift Box Set of 36 - £79.99

  3. Metal Tin Set Of 120 - £221

  4. Wooden Box Set of 120 - £405 (This one is a lot more expensive but it comes in a beautiful wooden box, perfect to store all your pencils in)

I also find that JacksonsArt offers the best price if you're looking to buy individual colours. Here is the link for those, Individual Polychromos Pencils - £1.70 each.

Number 2. Sharpener

So, you've just bought the most amazing pencils but your sharpener is rubbish... Don't worry I have tried many different types of sharpeners for you and have found this one to be the best one yet. I have had mine for over a year, I use it every day and it has been perfect. I ordered mine from amazon: Swordfish Desktop Manual Pencil Sharpener - £14.43

It is a manual sharpener which you attach to your desk using a desk clamp. It also has an auto-stop so it doesn't over sharpen your pencils - it is perfect!

Number 3. Pencil Extenders

At what length do you throw your pencils into the 'Pencil Graveyard'? When they become too uncomfortable to hold I presume? Don't give them up prematurely! I've got you covered. I use pencil extenders which allow me to use my pencils until they are tiny little stumps. Pencils are expensive, so make sure you get your moneys worth people! I have two options for you.

  1. For a higher quality product you can order them of JacksonsArt. I have a few of these which host my favourite pencils: Marbled Plastic Pencil Extender - £4.20 each

  2. A second option is this Pack of 12 Wooden Pencil Extenders for £6.99 from Amazon. I own a pack of these and although they aren't as suave as the JacksonArt ones, I find they get the job done just fine.

Number 4. Desk Lamp

This one is so important to me as I need consistent and good lighting throughout my working day. Especially now during the winter when it gets dark before I've even have my second coffee! This desk lamp has five different lighting modes, ranging from a natural daylight to a warm orange light. It is dimmable, has a USB port, timer and can also be used for up to two hours without the lead. The arm is very flexible too. Check it our for yourself here: Desk Lamp - £29.99

Number 5. Paper

I could actually write an essay about this topic, but I won't bore you with that. Here is the simplified version.

My top 3 types of paper I like to use.

  1. Strathmore 300 series Bristol Paper - for colouring pencils (horse portrait, and my current favourite paper)

  2. Heavyweight Cartridge - best for sketching ideas and graphite (middle photo)

  3. Clairefontaine Pastelmat - if you like a rough tooth, for colouring pencils. I recommend you try this paper if you haven't already. Many colouring pencil Artist love it (last photo)

I hope you found this blog useful. Please let me know by commenting or giving it a like!

Thank you!

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