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List Of Supplies I Use

Updated: Feb 5

Here are my favourite Amazon Art supplies.

These are all the products I use & love!

Pencil Sharpener - It's magic, trust me!

Pencil Extenders - Money saver!

Putty Erase - You can mould it into any shape.

Desk Lamp - Multiple settings & consistent lighting throughout the day.

Desk Tripod For iPhone - I use this to film all my TikToks!

Blending Tools - Great for graphite & colouring pencil work.

Colouring Pencils I use:

Prismacolors Pencils Set of 48 - So good for blending.

Polychromos Pencils Set of 36 - Perfect for the tiny details.


Strathmore Bristol Board 300 Series - Loving this paper at the moment!

I hope you found this useful. Let me know what you would like me to recommend to you next!

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