Size matters!

Do you have a pencil graveyard? Well I have a solution for you!

When I'm paying up to £3 per pencil you better believe I want to use the WHOLE pencil! I've painstakingly saved all my pencil butts, not having the heart to throw them out and I'm so glad I did because, I've finally found a way to use them!

When my pencils get to about 1/3 length they start to become hard to hold. They are at that awkward 'how do I hold you without getting cramp in my thumb' stage. So I tend to throw them into my 'pencil graveyard' forget about them, and order new ones. BUT I have found a solution!

I have started using pencil extenders from Jackson's Art Supplies. I currently only own two but I'm about to get a load more because they are so handy! I have a wooden one and a more flashy marble effect one. It's really important for me to be comfortable while I draw as I do it for hours and hours a day. I haven't decided which one I prefer, they both do the job and are very comfortable to hold! It's now a 100% must-have accessory for me as I get so much more out of my pencils. Hardly any pencil goes to waste, as you can see below!

My now extra mini pencil butts will go into an even tinier 'pencil graveyard' as I still don't have the heart to throw them away! But at least I have used them to their full potential!

I hope this has been useful and thank you for reading!

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