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NFT in collaboration with Original Penguin

Media Coverage:

I’m excited to be part of the Original Penguin campaign to raise money for Free Arts NYC. This cool impactful charity empowers underserved youth through arts and mentoring programs to develop their creativity, confidence, and skills to succeed.

At a time when critical resources are being stripped from communities, art is the inspiring outlet that helps children cope with challenging circumstances.

A group of artists were chosen to create a design or texture for a 3-dimensional Penguin NFT, which people can now bid on in an Auction that went LIVE on 10/11/21. Mine is called Slimy Spheniscidae (scientific name for penguin). All money raised goes to Free Arts NYC.

Follow @gabriellaanouk on TikTok and Instagram for more information about this exciting collaboration with Original Penguin and Free Arts NYC.

View the QR code here to enter the AR world of Original Penguin.


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