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Photography by Min Reid Richards

Gabriella Anouk’s Slime Series will be launched to a private audience in London on 25th January. Gabriella will be sharing the Exhibition with her fans on TikTok but the event is not physically open to the public on this occasion.

Many hundreds of hours have gone into creating the Slime Series and we are very excited that the time has come to show the work at Gabriella Anouk’s Solo Exhibition. Gabriella’s last work in the Slime Series will be revealed at the event.

Giclée Fine Art Editions will be available for sale from 1st February via Gabriella’s website. Editions of the Reveal will be available from 14th February.

Gabriella has partnered with London Trade Art for 5 animated NFTs combined with 1/20 A1 Giclée Fine Art Editions. These will be available from 1st February also.


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